About the Photographer


John Kincaid began his path to photography while running KMG Software, a custom software development firm with a focus on the user’s experience and design. Founded in 2003, KMG worked with a staff of world-class designers; our portfolio includes Universal Music, Disney, and Sony Entertainment, to name a few. The work demanded that our team constantly re-invent software and think-outside-the-box but always maintain a central focus on the user’s experience while incorporating the customer’s brand and marketing image.

In today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven world it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the latest apps and social networks, and even moreso when you’re running a company that creates those very systems. There came a point in John’s career that he realized he stopped looking at the world around him because he was too focused on the screen in front of him. This is when Kincaid Photography was born.

Photography is a natural fit for a highly technical and design-oriented individual that wants to “slow down” their life and take a deeper look at the world around them. It requires an immense amount of patience and planning, and an in-depth technical knowledge to truly bring a photograph to life through the post-processing phase.

Kincaid Photography’s mission is to create an emotional bond between each viewer and the photograph.

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