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Animal & Wildlife Preservation

Animal & Wildlife Preservation

Anyone that knows me realizes the value I place on animals. Our pets, wildlife in the cities we live, and all around the world are (in my opinion) the definition of innocence. From the spider in my house that I will go out of my way to capture and safely release outside so my wife doesn’t freak out to some of our rescued pets, Kincaid Galleries has a deep love for the life of all animals.

In every gallery we open a portion of the proceeds are donated to local animal charities and in some instances become one of the primary income sources. It’s our goal to ensure that the environments and locations we shoot in maintain a balance, and in a lot of cases the local wildlife is taken for granted or ignored. It’s important to realize that we share this planet with every living thing around us and it’s something we need to help protect in any way we can.

Recently we’ve started working with local Madison, WI shelter/adoption centers. These facilities, along with almost all shelters around the world, primarily showcase their animals online through websites and/or social media posts. Unfortunately a lot of the photos are poor in quality, or they’re too small, or they don’t have a good angle of the animal,…etc. Our role is to take higher-quality, candid photos of each animal in an effort to more accurately capture their innocence, charm, and personality: we live in a mobile, fast-paced world so image and first impressions are critical. We hope that our photos will help foster an emotional connection between adopter and pet even before they are able to meet in person.

Some of our recent work:

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